facebook name change

How to Change Name of Facebook Group

If you’re like most people on social media, Facebook is your favorite way to waste time and share photos. But did you know that Facebook can be a powerful tool…

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netflix on switch

Get Netflix On Switch | Is It Possible? [2023]

Netflix is one of the best and most entertaining video streaming applications. It is a paid application and is famous worldwide. It has given me a chance to watch exclusive…

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discord alternantives

10 Discord Alternatives You Should Use | Top Alternatives To Discord

Communication through online modes has become the norm in today‚Äôs day and age. With the plethora of apps and platforms available on the internet, choosing the right one which meets…

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email client for chromebook

Find The Best Email Client For Chromebook | Top 9 Editor’s Picks

Gmail is an online email service accessible from anywhere, but it is not the only one. Gmail is the default email client for Chromebooks. It has a great UI. It…

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best blue light filter for pc

8 Best Blue Light Filter For PC, Mac And Linux

Stuck at homes, typing away on our phones and laptops all day long, digital India came into action ever since this pandemic struck us. However, have you ever stopped and…

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should i use kodi?

Should I Use KODI? [An Open Source Media Center Application]

Kodi is a Media Center Application; Kodi has won an award. It is a free and open-source software media player. It is estimated that more than 200 million video players…

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Top Ethical Hacking Tools In 2023

In the world of Ethical Hacking, ”hacking” is not just a verb form. It comes with great responsibility, trustworthiness, and a variety of skills. Hacking is prevented by ethical hackers…

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best video calling apps

7 Best Video Calling Apps On PC | Updated 2023

People mostly prefer video calls other than face-to-face meetings. So, nowadays, video calls have become necessary, and it provides the best visual interaction than any other medium. And free video…

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How to Download Videos from Ozee Website [Full Guide]

This article will show you how to download videos from the ozee website, on a computer or an Android smartphone using the top four working methods. As a result, you…

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How to Change Twitter Handle [Complete Guide]

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms globally. It is a platform where people voice their opinions about various topics, with almost 206 million active users currently…

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