Top 10 Games Like Corruption of Champions

games like corruption of champions

While everyone has their favorites, the majority of us are as yet dependent on computer games as kids. It seems nearly impossible to go through life without some form of entertainment these days. Though tastes vary over time, favorites always stay favorites. And the Corruption of Champions is a video game fan’s favorite. So people start looking for games like corruption of like corruption of champions

The browser-based game Corruption of Champions is quite widespread. However, because it is a flash game with certain sensual aspects, it is for individuals above 18. The narrative of Corruption of Champions is reasonably intriguing, with the game situated in a hamlet where every champion joining the game, requires to follow certain old rites and traditions of battling demons and evil forces to save the community… However, as you find more secrets and achievements in CoC, you’ll want to check out other games, such as corruption of champions. Hence, here are the Top X alternatives to Corruption of Champions.

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The Poor Whore

Don’t dismiss the game by its title just yet, for it does incorporate some basic societal principles. The game may place you in the shoes of a penniless prostitute who travels from town to town in search of work. Throughout the game, you will encounter parts of her life that will undoubtedly impact you.

the poor whore

It is text-based. However, you must download and store files locally to play. People who enjoy playing text-based adventures like ‘CoC’ can check this one out.

Trials in Tainted Space

‘Trials in Tainted Space,’ or ‘TiTS,’ as the community affectionately knows the game, is a sexual-themed text-based role-playing game developed and marketed by Fenoxo, the same company that created CoC.

trials in tainted space

The game takes place in a faraway galaxy, where you have inherited a spaceship from your father and must now explore the furthest reaches of the universe to earn power. If you’ve completed ‘Corruption of Champions,’ you must play this one.

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My Very Own Lith

The game ‘My Very Own Lith’ is a flash-based one. The game’s main goal focuses on a cat-like feline creature named Lith. Lith has a variety of personalities, which you will learn as you engage with him more.

my very own lith

Lith can be either male or female, based on your choices at the start of the game, which impacts the general tone of the game. However, this cannot be very comforting to certain people. Therefore, viewers should use caution. 

Fall of Eden

So you’ve tried ‘TiTS’ and ‘CoC,’ so why not try ‘FoE’? ‘Fall of Eden,’ developed and published by Fenoxo, is another text-based adventure game that plays similarly to ‘Corruption of Champions.’ Along with countless travels and interactions with interesting personalities, you must accomplish several objectives before you can return home.

fall of eden

We highly suggest this game if you enjoy games like ‘Corruption of Champions,’ owing to the similarities and the typical production cycle.

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Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

Cabrera Brothers produced and released ‘Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures,’ a text-based interactive fiction computer game. As the title indicates, the game is set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting influenced by films such as ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Blade Runner.’

cyberpunk adventure

This game is a must-have if sexual themes aren’t your major attraction. It may become pretty intense in later game levels, making it difficult to put down.

Flexible Survival

A viral epidemic has left the planet’s inhabitants ineffective. If you’re seeking games like ‘Corruption of Champions,’ you might want to check ‘Flexible Survival,’ a text-based flash game.

flexible survival

The game’s primary goal is to create a character and then live in the world for a certain length of time until the military arrives to rescue you. It’s rather creative, enabling you to customize the environment and its people.

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Free Cities

The Free Cities are a collection of nine city-states located along Essos’ western coast. They routinely trade and contact the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Though similar to games like Corruption of Champions, the Free Cities is a slavery management game and differs significantly.

free cities

However, unlike other games, players cannot create their avatars here, but the powers you gain after each achievement are rather remarkable.

Carnal Soul

The first thing you’ll notice about this game is its overuse of sexual themes. The gameplay and role-playing elements are surprisingly refine after going beyond the obscene sexual approaches. It’s unusual to discover a sexual-themed text-based game with many role-playing opportunities.

carnal souls

You may choose from various battle modes, each with specialties and benefits over other characters. The plot also deserves particular note since it provides you with a significant amount of playtime and possibilities.

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Kingdom of Loathing

This is only the start of the zany Western-themed journey. It’s essentially a clone of ‘Corruption of Champions,’ but without the explicit concentration on sexual themes. You begin with a primary stickman-like figure that may be customized, but the possibilities are pretty restricted. You are then falling into the realm of ‘Loathing,’ armed only with a rifle and a cup of beer.

kingdom of loathing

Using simple text-based instructions on a black and white hand-drawn interface, you may manage your character. Furthermore, there are combat mechanisms in the game that enable you to battle, subjugate, and mock various adversaries before looting and collecting resources. 

Lilith’s Throne

Finally, Lilith’s Throne, comparable to CoC and TITS combined, is a text-based RPG game with sensual sequences, like several other titles on our list. Your mission will be to journey through a globe and overcome the challenges that you face along the way. In other words, throughout your trip, you will encounter demons, magical powers, and a partner.

lilith's throne

Lilith’s Throne has a visually pleasing graphics quality, at least by gaming standards. It’s a game you’ll be pleased to play, and it could even make you forget about CoC.

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Hence be it a furry friend or a post-apocalyptic world, every setting can provide you with an experience that is as generous as the game “Corruption of Champions” itself.


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