Top 10 Games Which Don’t Need Internet To Play

games which don't need internet

If you’re constantly on the move, you’re probably used to being offline for long periods. Many developers have created amazing games which don’t need an internet connection, whether on purpose or not. Having no Wi-Fi or mobile service is typical even in this day and age, whether it’s due to a long-haul flight, an overnight bus ride, or simply too much time spent on the subway where radio waves fear to tread. 

Fortunately, not having a signal does not prevent you from playing some of the best mobile games available. 

Monument Valley 2 

Monument Valley was a breath of fresh air in the world of mobile gaming. This is one of a popular games which don’t need an internet to play. In a way we’d never seen before, it mixed stunning graphics with challenging puzzles and great, wordless storytelling. Set in a vibrant, Escher-inspired universe, its sole flaw was that it ended far too soon, leaving players yearning for more. They’ve got it now.

monument valley 2

The sequel adds additional levels and characters but generally doesn’t change much from the previous game’s success. It’s a fascinating experience, with problems that make you believe you’ll never be able to solve them. Until you do, that is. 

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Dungeon Cards/Rogue Cards 

I’ve spent far more hours playing Dungeon Cards recently than I care to admit. It’s one of those games that’s easy to pick up but has a surprising amount of depth and game which don’t need internet. The premise, known on iOS as Rogue Cards, is simple: your character lives in a 33 or 44-level “dungeon” loaded with traps, chests, potions, weapons, opponents, and more.

dungeon cards

Moving into an enemy with a weapon in hand (typically) causes them to take damage; attacking without a weapon causes you to take damage as well. 

The Room: Old Sins 

The Room, released in the mists of time (ok, 2012), rapidly became a classic. One of the few games that managed to be genuinely terrifying at times, the degree of intricacy and difficulty complemented the intriguing tale wonderfully, making it possibly the best mobile puzzle game available.

the room: old sins

This series is the fourth edition, and it continues where the previous three left off. An astute engineer and his wife have vanished, and the trail leads straight to their home’s attic. There’s a strange playhouse inside… That’s when the real fun begins.  

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I initially saw Carcassonne as a famous 2-5 player board game in which you connect tiles to create roads, rivers, cities, and meadows, then make the most use of a limited amount of pieces to outscore your opponents. This is a popular game which don’t need internet connection.


It’s the exact way to pass the time on a dreary Sunday afternoon, and my partner and I have spent many hours playing it. 

Bad Chess 

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s playing terrible chess. This game’s creator felt the same way, creating his version – with one significant difference. 

bad chess

While the board and rules are identical, the starting pieces are entirely different. It resembles what you’d get if you placed a few hundred chess pieces in a sack, shook them around, and then randomly took them out. There are three queens, six knights, and a smattering of pawns in this game. Yes, that sounds fantastic. 

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Mini Metro  

Have you ever had an odd ambition to control your subway system? No, neither have I, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing Mini Metro a lot. 

mini metro

The objective is to develop a functioning metro to support your ever-growing population, based partly on maps of various major cities such as London, New York, and Paris. This is also a popular game which don’t need an internet connection. You start with a small number of trains, carriages, lines, and tunnels and must strategically deploy them as the city expands. If you survive long enough, you’ll earn a few extras and improvements, but they never seem to be enough to keep you ahead for longer. 

Two Dots 

Two Dots is one of the simple games which don’t need an internet, perhaps even a little dull on paper, and then turns into a multi-hour gaming marathon that only ends when your phone battery goes flat. 

two dots

Successor to the famous “Dots” game from a decade ago, the basic game mechanics couldn’t be more straightforward: join dots of the same color. Connecting two or more dots makes them disappear, and joining them up in a square (or another shape) makes all dots of that color disappear. That’s it. 

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic 

Do you remember playing any of the RollerCoaster Tycoon games? You played an amusement park owner in this game released over two decades ago.

rollercoaster tycoon classic 

It was your responsibility to develop the ideal mix of rides, amenities, and experiences to keep consumers happy and money flowing in. Or designing terrifying roller coasters that caused riders to vomit all over the park. I’m pretty sure I have chosen the right one 

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Eternium, a long-time favorite among role-playing game (RPG) fans, is still one of the most excellent offline options some years after its release. It’s been getting regular, extensive upgrades since it initially came out, and it’s been developed by old-school RPG fans.


Even better, it avoids the vexing pay-to-win strategy many of its competitors use. 

Infinity Loop 

Do you want to play something calm to distract yourself from the chaos going on around you? The answer is Infinity Loop.

infinity loop

The idea is simple: rotate puzzle pieces, connect all lines, and close loops by tapping on them. 

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These are some handpicked great choice offline games for all the game lovers who struggled with poor internet connection. These games ensure to keep you immersed, in any event, when there’s no internet availability. Try these unique and challenging games at least once in your lifetime.



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