16 Best Hacking Tools For Windows OS

hacking tools for windows

Also known as ‘red teaming’ or ‘intrusion testing,’ ethical hacking is the term given to the process that allows one to gain access to another computer system to sealing data, invasion of privacy, fraud, etc., identifying the latter’s weaknesses. Someone who performs the said hacking is known as a ‘hacker.’ Ethical hackers work as information security experts. By identifying the weak points of a network, computer system, or application, they provide suggestions to strengthen security. Below is the list of the top 10 ethical hacking tools for Windows OS. This article will focus on hacking tools for windows.

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Hacking Tools For Windows

Here are some of the hacking tools for windows,

Aircrack Ng

Used for network monitoring, this Wi-Fi hacking tool is based on the command-line interface. AirCrack also completes tasks like monitoring, pen testing, attacking, cracking, etc.

aircrack ng

Passwords are accessible through a text version of all the packets present in the network connection. Wi-Fi versions like WPA/ WPA2-PSK/ etc. support this tool. This tool undoubtedly comes under one of the best network tools. 

Website: Aircrack ng

John The Ripper

A free-of-cost open-source software distributed in source code, John The Ripper, is one of the most reliable and preferred tools among hackers used for cracking passwords. It is one of the useful hacking tools for windows.

john the ripper

Despite being written in the C programming language, the various modules of John The Ripper give users the option to crack any password by using various encryption techniques. 

Website: John The Ripper


A widely used network-mapping application, Wireshark provides users with extensive information on what is mapping on their network, along with additional information on how that is mapping.

Originally named Ethereal, this user-friendly hacking tool is a free-of-cost open-source tool. It also comes in a command-line version known as TShark.


The user can also use this application to gather information related to cookies. It answers user questions like how many cookies are getting installed, where the packets would be flowing, and so on. Besides this, one can also perform additional tasks like keylogging, phishing, etc., using this application.

Website: Wireshark


A hacking tool that works on the principles of trojan, Metasploit gives one the freedom to remotely control anyone’s computer, regardless of where they are situated. A trojan is software that gives one permission to access any device worldwide remotely.


If a hacker has Trojan installed on any computer, they can remotely control it from anywhere in the world! 

Website: Metasploit

Acunetix WVS

One of the hacking tools for windows is Acunetix WVS. A web vulnerability scanner (WVS), Acunetix scans and at the same time finds flaws in any website. It crawls a website, followed by finding out any malicious SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and so on. It is also a multi-threaded tool handy tool that a large number of researchers use worldwide.

acunetix wvs

Acunetix also came up with the feature of giving the user permission to access a website’s password-protected areas using a Login Sequence Recorder. The tool also came up with new technology, called the AcuSensor technology. This allows one to reduce the false-positive rate.

Website: Acunetix WVS

Social-Engineer Toolkit

Users use Social-engineer Toolkit to send a fake login page to the victim to get their password hacked. The victim enters their id and password on the page, allowing the user to hack it. Since the fake login page looks very similar to the original login page, the chances of a successful hack are very high.

social-engineer toolkit

This software offers many services such as Spear Phishing Attack Vectors and more. These services allow one to conveniently hack any account on Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Website: Social-engineer Toolkit


This is the best tool available for hackers who love cracking passwords. It is an advanced version of Hashcat, which was also a password cracking tool that was CPU-based. On the other hand, OclHashcat uses the power of one’s GPU.


Besides being the world’s first and only GPU-based engine, it also holds its fastest password hacking tool record. OclHashcat offers its users several features such as Brute-force, Hybrid Dictionary + mask, Straight, Combination, Hybrid mask + dictionary, and so on. 

Website: OclHashcat


An open-source software hacking tool that is entirely free, Nmap is mainly used as a port scanner.


A network mapper is also known as an IP packet that can be used to identify which hosts are available on a network, which type of firewall is in use, and what operating system each host uses.

Website: Nmap (Network Mapper)

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An open-source forensics platform, Maltego is among the excellent hacking tools for windows. It performs extensive mining to gather information and draws a picture of the possible cyber threats around the user.

Furthermore, Maltego provides an overview of the possible and existing failure points in a network and the environment.


This tool uses Java to run a graphical interface that is extremely easy to use. It also brings with it a series of customization options during scanning. 

Website: Maltego


In 2018, Nessus topped the list of the best free security tools. Developed by Tenable Network Security, this tool works on the client-server framework. Nessus uses to scan different types of vulnerability. This includes remote access, misconfiguration alert, flaw detection, preparation of PCI DSS audits, searching sensitive data, deleting any malware, etc.


It is used to scan multiple networks across IPv6, IPv4, and hybrid networks. The user wishes; they may also put it into scheduled scanning mode.

Website: Nessus

Recon-ng/ Footprinting And Reconnaissance 

Recon-ng is vital for quick and effective web-based reconnaissance used by hackers and cybersecurity professionals. Recon-ng is a Python-based framework. This framework consists of independent modules, database interface utilities, built-in convenience functions, interactive help menus, and command completion utilities.


This free hacking tool is quite similar to the Metasploit framework in terms of ease of use. Recon-ng is an open-source framework, and contributing to the source code is simple even for the most inexperienced Python programmers.

Nessus/ Vulnerability Assessment

Among the many hacking tools for windows, Vulnerability assessment is a routine technique cybersecurity specialists use to keep any system or network vulnerabilities or exploits under control. This is crucial since new security vulnerabilities can emerge daily due to updated patches, software installations, or manual errors, making it easy for hackers to exploit them and get unlawful access to secured systems. 

vulnerability assessment

Nessus is a well-known vulnerability assessment tool and ethical hacking program thprogramsses utilize. It is one of the best hacking tools for windows. Ethical hackers can use Nessus to audit cloud infrastructures, do basic network scans, authenticate hosts on the network, run malware scans, verify policy compliances, detect ransomware, and perform a variety of other tasks.

L0phtcrack/ System Hacking

L0phtCrack is a tool that uses various algorithms to infer the target system’s password, including dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, hybrid attacks, and rainbow tables. Additionally, this hacking program uses password hashes and matches alternative password combinations to reverse engineer the correct password.


Security experts can use this to see whether any accounts in their domain have weak passwords. If the responsible authority finds a password to be weak, they can easily change it or ask the operator of the vulnerable device to do so. The correct algorithm breaks common passwords like “123,” “password,” and “admin”.

Website: L0phtCrack

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HOIC/ Denial Of Service

The term ‘denial-of-service’ refers to attacks that overload the server with so many requests that it cannot handle them all. As a result, the server’s resources become insufficient, causing the server’s performance to decrease or even stop severely. For example, if this happens to an e-commerce site, the DoS attack will block users from logging in or transacting business with the site. It is a denial-of-service attack because the inconvenient slowing or stopping of services due to crashing or rebooting is akin to users receiving a denial of service.

denial of service

The open-source network stress testing or denial-of-service program HOIC stands for High Orbit Ion Cannon. This application floods the target system with HTTP POST and GET requests with a single click of its GUI. It can attack up to 256 URLs at once. 

ZAP/ Session Hacking

OWASP ZAP or Zed Attack Proxy determines the deployment of web applications. It is a popular penetration testing tool making it one of the significant hacking tools for windows. OWASP ZAP can behave like a proxy server, manipulating every traffic that passes through it.


Ajax or classic web crawler, automated scanner, passive scanner, and utilities for Fuzzer, forced browsing, WebSocket support, scripting languages, and Plug-n-Hack support are built-in capabilities.

Website: OWASP ZAP

Sqlmap / SQL Injection

SQL injection is the process of manipulating a web application’s SQL database to reveal or change its values. This is possible because you must run queries on tables to extract values from SQL databases. If no countermeasures are in place, the attacker will easily inject malicious queries into your database.

sql injection

sqlmap is an example of a tool that aids in SQL injection attacks. It is an open-source penetration testing tool. This detects  SQL injection vulnerabilities. SQL injection also works with a wide range of SQL-based databases. Moreover, it allows you to decrypt password hashes using dictionary attacks.

Website: SQL injection

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Therefore these are the 19 best hacking tools for windows. You can use any one of them. These tools are used by ethical hackers primarily for the protection of companies. Weak security and passwords are detected using these hacking tools.

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