How To Download Apps To SD Card On Android | A Complete Guide

how to download apps to sd card on android

Most smartphones these days come with lots of storage but no way to expand it with a microSD card. If you have a tiny amount of storage on your Android phone or tablet, you’re probably constantly removing apps to create a place for new ones. However, if your Android device has an SD card port, you can expand its storage. In this article, we will be discussing how to download apps to an SD card on Android.

The phone’s internal storage installs Android apps by default. It allows you to install more apps than you would otherwise be able to. The SD card can have any presently installed programs.

You can utilize your SD card to store your apps and app data, as well as free up space on your phone, in addition to files. It’s worth noting that not all Android smartphones let you move installed apps to the SD card. Some apps also allow you to move only a portion of your data to the SD card, leaving the remainder on your computer. Only a few smartphone manufacturers allow users to increase capacity using a microSD card. Low-cost smartphones with little storage require this to download apps to sd card on android

Before we get started, keep in mind that running an app from your SD card will almost always be slower than running it from the internal storage, so only do so if you have to–and if you can use it for programs that don’t require a lot of performance to work well.

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How To Download Apps To SD Card On Android

Here’s how you can download apps to an sd card using different methods;

  1. To begin, go to ‘Settings’ on your phone by selecting it from the app drawer or the quick

settings drop-down menu.


2. Scroll down to ‘Apps’ and touch it.

Now, look for and touch on the app you wish to move to your SD card.


3. Then select ‘Storage’ from the drop-down menu.


4. Find the ‘Change’ button now. If this button isn’t there, either your phone doesn’t enable you to move apps to the SD card, or the app doesn’t allow you to do so. Experiment with different apps.


5. Now press the ‘Change’ button, then the move button.

move button

6. You can undo this by pressing the ‘Change’ button and relocating apps to internal storage.

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Android Marshmallow Method

Android smartphones use SD cards as portable storage. That means you may store files like videos, music, and images on it for usage on your device and transfer files back and forth by plugging the SD card into your computer. Removal of SD cards as portable storage does not compromise the device’s operation.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, on the other hand, now allows you to use your SD card as internal storage, effectively making the SD card an integral part of the device’s internal storage. If the app developer allows it, adopting your SD card as the internal storage will install new apps to Your SD card by default. Later, you can return the app to internal storage if you want.

android marshmallow method

Furthermore, when you use your SD card as internal storage, you can’t remove it without disrupting the device’s operation. No other device can use the SD card. Local EXT4 disc is the format of the SD card. The SD card is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption and mounted as a system component. When you use an SD card on a device, it allows the usage of Marshmellow devices.

Before using your SD card as internal storage, make sure you backup the data on it to your computer. You can put the data back on an SD card. You can’t take the SD card from the gadget and plug it directly into your computer to transfer files.

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  1. If you’ve been using your SD card as portable storage and have moved some apps to it, you’ll need to move them back to internal storage. Your apps will get erased if you don’t do this step.
  2. In your smartphone, insert the SD card. Select “Set Up” from the menu. A notice tells you about the new SD card discovery.

set up

Select external or internal storage of SD card when the screen appears.

3. Then touch “Use as internal storage” and “Next.”

A notification informs you that the SD card will only operate on that device. It is after the SD card is formatted as internal storage. It’s also a good idea to make a backup of the data on the card.

use as internal storage

4. Tap “Erase & Format” when you’re ready to keep using the SD card as internal storage.

erase & format

5. When the process is complete, a notification states that your SD card is functional. “Done” is the last option.


When you open Settings > Storage after formatting your SD card as internal storage, both your device’s internal storage and your adopted SD card appear on the Device storage screen.

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Android will now intelligently pick where to install an app depending on the developer’s recommendations when you install it. Moving apps between internal storage and the SD card is not recommended. This is because it can have unforeseen repercussions on some devices.

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