Get Netflix On Switch | Is It Possible? [2023]

netflix on switch

Netflix is one of the best and most entertaining video streaming applications. It is a paid application and is famous worldwide. It has given me a chance to watch exclusive and exciting TV shows and movies in today’s world. Each day passing, Netflix improves its quality and new features to watch videos. This article will be discussing netflix on switch.


The main reason Netflix is so popular is unlimited content after connecting to the best VPNs for Netflix. Nintendo Switch supports many of your favorite streaming services like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more. It is compatible with multiple devices like Switch, Phones, android, and IOS.

Website: Netflix

Though Netflix cannot be downloaded on Switch via eShop, today, we will come across some techniques that can help you play Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch

It is a video game console developed by Nintendo and was released on MARCH 3, 2017. It is an eighteenth-generation console competing with PS4, Xbox One, and PS5.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch has most of the same several games in different colors as the original Nintendo Switch. Instead of playing games, you can do much more than this, like streaming and enjoying Netflix on it. So, let’s have a look that these users can do it.

First of all, we have to connect Nintendo Switch to your TV. 

Can Netflix Work On Switch?

The Nintendo Switch does not have a Netflix app at this time. Moreover, the built-in web browser on the Nintendo Switch doesn’t work with Netflix.

Nintendo hardware has worked with two companies to bring Netflix to other Nintendo platforms such as Wii U, but there is no official statement from either company when Netflix will come to Switch.

The switch doesn’t support Netflix, but it does have other video streaming services. It has both features paid and free and through the Nintendo e-shop.

nintendo e-shop

The streaming services it offers are YouTube and Hulu can download from an e-shop; you will need to have paid subscription to stream from Hulu.

Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Is Netflix on the Nintendo eShop?

Accepting that you need to notice Netflix on the eShop for Nintendo Switch, you won’t find it. As of this synthesis, you can’t get Netflix on Nintendo’s current gaming console through any power infers.

Could I have the option to watch Netflix on other Nintendo Devices?

Nintendo and Netflix have worked together already. The Netflix application was open for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles yet disposed of in December 2020. You could watch Netflix programs on the control community during the Wii time, yet that decision was suspended in 2019.

By and by, you can’t watch Netflix on any Nintendo device through the eShop.

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Is There Another Strategy For Watching Netflix On Nintendo Switch?

Right now, your most apparent opportunity concerning getting Netflix onto your Nintendo Switch is by presenting Android on the system. Take care of business to say; it’s not the proposed way to deal with going concerning this is since Nintendo won’t offer a fix or replacement in such a case that you block your control place.

You will not override the Switch’s OS, so don’t be stressed over the likelihood that you won’t have the choice to use the control community to play your loved games. Nevertheless, since you’re modding your system, you should go on, notwithstanding all guidance running against the norm.switch's os

Currently, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a Netflix application, and the intrinsic web program on the Nintendo Switch doesn’t work with Netflix.

Nintendo Switch isn’t just to play. The Nintendo Switch is a blend of PC game control place made by Nintendo, Japanese overall customer devices, and PC game association. It might be used as a helpful device and home control place. Its remote Joy-Con controllers, with standard affixes and development recognizing, can interface with the different sides of the control place to assist handheld-style playing.

netflix on nintendo switch

While the two associations have participated before with other Nintendo hardware to convey Netflix to other Nintendo stages, for instance, the Wii U, there is no power word from either association regarding when Netflix will come to the Switch.

Another defense for Netflix being the best ongoing component is the availability of boundless substance resulting in connecting with the best VPNs for Netflix. 

Anyway, you can’t download the Netflix application on Switch through eShop; today, we will reveal all of the secrets that can help you like Netflix on Nintendo Switch with close to no impedance and issues.

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Is Netflix On Switch?

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a Netflix application, and the entire web program on the Switch doesn’t work with Netflix.

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How To Watch Netflix On Switch In 2023?

On the Nintendo eShop, the Netflix application isn’t open. Nintendo’s 3D family, which consolidates the New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 3DS XL, maintains it explicitly. For this, you ought to present Nintendo Switch on your TV.

Here is the two-adventure approach;

Follow the steps to set up Nintendo Switch on your TV:

  1. Open the back cover of your dock and connect your Nintendo Switch to the adaptor.

connect your nintendo switch to the adaptor

2. Now, connect another end of the adaptor to the wall outlet.

3. Connect one of the HDMI cables to the Nintendo Switch terminal of HDMI OUT and connect another end to your TV in the HDMI port.

4. After that, open your TV and select the correct HDMI input.

correct hdmi input

5. Launch the Nintendo Switch on your Television.

launch the nintendo switch on your television

6. Head to the home menu option.

Steps To Install Netflix On Switch

 1. After launching Nintendo Switch on your TV, log in to your Netflix account.

launch the nintendo switch on your television

2. Now, select the e-shop icon to open the e-shop on the home screen.

open the e-shop store

3. Once you open the e-shop store, tap on the box next to the search bar.

4. Now, search Netflix and tap ok.

5. Choose the Netflix app from the search bar. After all these steps, install the app and sign in using your Netflix login credentials.

This is the best method to get Netflix on Switch. 

Steps In Getting Netflix On Switch [Method2]

Suppose you came across some difficulties in the first method. So here is another method to make you use the additional usage of Switch console like those many are using.

So here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, you will need to access the hidden web browser on Netflix first to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch.
  2. Then go to Internet settings, and connect Wi-Fi.

go to internet settings, and connect wi-fi

3. Now, select change settings.

4. Then locate DNS settings and select manual there.

locate dns settings

5. Now enter a number under primary DNS.

So, finally, you can enjoy and entertain binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows.


  1.   This process requires a little patience as it takes time, but it will work. If, by any chance, you are unable to succeed in getting access in the first attempt, try it twice.
  2.   Enter the DNS number provided above in the secondary DNS on the second attempt.

locate dns settings

 Now, reset your router and the Switch if you face any initial or ongoing error.

To get Netflix on Nintendo Switch, the best way is by installing Android on the system. Suffice to say that it’s not the advocated way of going about it because if you brick your solace, Nintendo won’t offer a fix or replacement.

It will not be that much safer if the Nintendo Switch is hackable. It can steal information from the device. So, it’s better to use the mentioned steps.

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So, at this moment, I conclude that it is possible to use Netflix on Switch by the methods mentioned above. But there is no official statement that Netflix is there in Nintendo. Although very soon they are going launch Netflix. Nintendo Switch is an excellent app for games and streaming videos.

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