Top SMS Blocker With Auto Response in 2023

sms blocker with auto response

This generation, or should I say almost everybody is into his phone. We want to stay connected; we want to stay updated, and every other notification gets our attention. But not every notification that we get is welcoming, especially SMS. There are promotional SMS, ads, and sometimes spam as well. It is not convenient to block everyone, and it becomes annoying at a point. This article will introduces you some best sms blocker with auto response.

But as we say, technology is both bone and the bane. There are ways to block unwanted SMS and reply to them with auto-responses. 

IM Auto Reply 

One of the popular ones, IM Auto Reply, is easy to use and support many applications like telegram, WhatsApp, text messages, and many other and help you set auto-response, which can be sent on your behalf when you are busy somewhere else. The app is available for free and can download from the play store. 

im auto reply

One can send automatic and personalized replies, and the settings are like; Every time: the reply is delivered every time an SMS is received Only once: the sender will receive the reply only one time After some time: the response delivers after the specified time. 

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Auto SMS – SMS Blocker with Auto Response

Another great application to the rescue, Auto SMS, works the same way as its name. This has SMS blocker with auto response system.  SMS lets you send automatic messages on your behalf with so many features and customization. Different kinds of personalized messages can be set up for various contacts.


Apart from that, the response time can also be scheduled. This app comes for free and the premium version, which costs around $2. 

Drive Mode 

As the name suggests, the app is made for the driver’s convenience to avoid getting distracted by SMSs. The user can give commands over voice, and it’s over.


It also supports maps, music, and Google assistant. This indeed makes driving much safer. 

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Text Assured 

Next, we have Text Assured. Though this one provides the same facility of auto replying to calls and messages, one can add various attachments, like photos and videos, to make the message more personalized.

text assured

This one too comes for free, and there is a premium version for the same as well that occurs some cost. 

Key Messages 

The next app is Key Messages. It indeed does block unwanted messages for you but with different filters., The user can set up this kind of predefined filter and block any other entity.

key messages

In other words, the blocking of contacts can be customized as in a number starting from so and so digit should be blocked, or spam reported calls should be blocked as well. 

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This one is for blocking unwanted calls and messages.


Once a number moves to the blacklist, the user will no longer bother about receiving undesirable calls and SMSs from that same number again. It can also act as SMS blocker with auto response system.

Do It Later 

It is available for androids that can download from Google Play Store. It facilitates the autoreply Page 1 of 2 functions to your unread messages, and on top of it, one can connect his online messaging apps like WhatsApp, emails, telegram

do it later

One can have it for free and avoid the communication gap for the time he/she is not accessible or not in the position to reply. 

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When we think of texting online, WhatsApp comes to our mind for sure. WhatsAuto is here to provide you with SMS services on your behalf when you are not around. That means it automatically replies to your new messages or in other words, SMS blocker with auto response mechanism. 


This app facilitates both online as well as offline messaging platforms. This is a popular among sms blocker with auto response operation. Again, the replies can be automatic or the ones you have set on your own. And it is available for free. 

SMS Auto Responder 

Moving on, we have the following app for free again. This one is for text SMSs and can download from the Google Play Store. This works the same way as the other apps do.

sms auto responder

It has a premium version as well, which comes with a price. Again, one can do customization as per their choices. 

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Auto Reply Bot 

Last but not least, Auto Reply Bot can help you set up automatic replies with many customized options, including text type, duration, and more. This app act as an sms blocker with auto response.

auto reply bot

Different replies can be set up for different contacts. It is so smooth that one doesn’t even have to open the app. Also, it doesn’t look like a bot is on the other side as it works pretty smoothly. 


Now, as you know about so many ways of setting up automatic responses, you can make your life a little bit easier. Try these sms blocker with auto response apps, and then pick up the one that best fits you. Let’s make the best out of technology. 

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